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One sample goodness of fit
k = 5 categories
One sample goodness of fit
k = 4 categories
Two sample goodness of fit
k = 5 categories x 2 samples
3 x 3 Contingency Table
Fisher's Exact Test

2 x 2 Chi-square test
avec Phi Coefficient
Relative risk with 95% confidence interval estimates
Odds ratio with 95% confidence interval estimates
Attributable risk with 95% confidence interval estimates
McNemar Chi-square

Concepts of Variance
Computing the 95% Confidence Intervals
for a sample mean
Student's t Test
Pairwise t Test
t for 2 ind sample means
and pooled variance

Notes on Sampling
Sampling for a Population Proportion
Sampling for a Comparison to Expected Population
Sampling for a Case Control Studies
Sampling for a Cohort Study

Generated Ordinal Scaled Numbers from 1 to 4
Using the Lotto to evaluate random events
Generate Values for Pre Post Comparisons
Generate Random Heart Rates
Dice Roller

Prelude to the Pearson Correlations
Sample Size Module 1: Estimating the sample size to represent a population proportion
Generate Random Numbers for the Sign test
Generate 2 x 2 cell frequencies


The webulators were designed by William Montelpare for applications in research and the presentation of courses in Epidemiology and the Introduction to Biostatistics. The webulators were written using client-side javascript, perl and php, and can function from several different browsers.

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