Sample Size for a Population Proportion


This Webulator is based on the following sample size formula for proportions

Conversion table for percent confidence to Z
90% [Zalpha] = 1.64 91% [Zalpha] = 1.70
92% [Zalpha] = 1.75 93% [Zalpha] = 1.81
94% [Zalpha] = 1.88 95% [Zalpha] = 1.96
96% [Zalpha] = 2.05 97% [Zalpha] = 2.17
98% [Zalpha] = 2.33 99% [Zalpha] = 2.58

Only enter the numeric values without special characters for the initial population, the expected proportion, the Zalpha for the percent confidence, and the percent error, in the appropriate Webulator cells and then click on the button labelled CALCULATE to compute the sample size required to represent a proportion of a population.

Initial population Expected proportion Zalpha for the
percent confidence
Percent error
Sample Size Numerator Denominator

Computations for Sample Size are discussed in several texts including:

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-- Knapp R.G., and Miller, M.C., Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics , Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins, 1992.

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