Computing t for Independent Samples (pooled variance)


Variables to Enter Input Column
Variance for Group 1
Variance for Group 2
Mean for Group 1
Mean for Group 2
Number of participants for Group 1
Number of participants for Group 2
Variables below list elements of the t test computations
Values below are computed for you.
Pooled Variance S2pooled=
Standard Error of Mean 1 S2M1=
Standard Error of Mean 2 S2M2=

To test the concept: “are the two means significanctly different ?” ; which is a test of the null hypothesis that Ho: mean1 = mean2, we simply compare the “t score” observed in the table above against the “t score ” critical , which we take from a “t table ” based on the degrees of freedom of dftotal= (n1 - 1) + (n2 - 1) for the two independent sample test, at a probability level of p<0.05 is available in any t distribution table. If the “t score” observed is greater than the “t score ” critical then we reject the null hypothesis and state that the sample mean is significantly different than the population mean.

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