Welcome to the UPEI Student Food Survey

Annabelle Charon, Haley MacKenzie and Toni Tran, UPEI 4th year Foods & Nutrition students are asking you to complete the UPEI Student Food Survey, a survey about food skills and the food situation in your household.

Their supervisors are Dr. Jennifer Taylor and Dr. Hiwot Haileslassie.

The goal of this research project is to help us learn more about UPEI students’ level of food skills and whether they have enough money to buy food. The results will help us understand challenges UPEI students face, and will help us make recommendations about food based courses and services offered for UPEI students.

Your participation is entirely voluntary.

Should you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire. There are 42 survey questions which we have adapted from two national surveys.

You may discontinue the survey at any time or refuse to answer any question.

Each survey should take approximately 25-30 minutes of your time. This survey is designed to be anonymous, meaning that there should be no way to connect your responses with you. The survey results will be provided to participants through an emailed summary.

In addition, we will draw for multiple prizes (grocery store gift cards 1@$100.00, and 7 @ $50.00 ) for completing the survey.

The name you submit for a chance to win a prize will NOT be connected to your survey responses.

You will be assigned a unique study ID, rather than your name so that nothing is recorded with your name attached.

By completing this survey, you consent to participate in this project.

The UPEI Research Ethics Board has approved this research project.

Contacts for questions or concerns

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about this project. Please contact Dr. Jennifer Taylor, the UPEI Principal Investigator of the study 902-566-0475if you want to talk about this study. If you want any information regarding your rights as a research participant, or have concerns about this research project, you may contact: REB, UPEI Research Services 902-620-5104 reb@upei.ca

If you have any concerns or are feeling stressed after completing the questionnaire, please contact: Student Affairs, 902-566-0488 studentserv@upei.ca

Thank you!

Annabelle Charon, Haley MacKenzie and Toni Tran, UPEI 4th year Foods & Nutrition students,
Dr. Jennifer Taylor (Supervisor) and Dr. Hiwot Haileslassie.


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