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Section 1: About You
1. Participants Age

2. To which gender identity do you most identify?

2. (b) If other please specify:

3. Marital status

4. Year of Study

4. (b) If other please specify:

5. Do you have a declared major?

5. (b) If declared please specify:

6. Are you classified as full-time or part-time?

7. Have you previously taken Introductory Foods FN 111-0?

7(b) Please indicate the course in which you are currently involved?

8. Are you classified as an International Student?

Section 2: For the next questions, living situation refers to where you are currently living while in school at UPEI

9. Which term best describes WHERE you live?

10. Which term best describes with WHOM you live?

10. (b) If other please specify:

11. How many people, including yourself, live in your home?

12. Where do you live?

12. (b) If other please specify:

Section 3: The next questions refer to planning, purchasing and storage of food.

13. How important do you believe food is to your own health?

14. Do you have a campus meal plan?

15. (if yes) Outside of the meal plan, do you purchase foods from the grocery store?

16. In your household, do you participate in grocery shopping?

17. Where do you buy most of your groceries?

17. (b) If other please specify:

18. How far do you travel to grocery shop?

19. What is the most common transportation that you use to grocery shop?

19. (b) If other please specify:

20. How often do you plan your grocery shopping around sales at food stores?

21. ‘How often do you buy certain foods ONLY when they are on sale?

22. How often do you grocery shop using a list or plan of upcoming meals?

23. How often do you use a budget to limit how much you spend when grocery shopping?

24. How often do you consider recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide when grocery shopping?

25. At your PEI home, what type of food storage do you use? Mark all that apply:

25. (b) If other please specify:

Section 4: The next questions refer to preparing food.

26. At your PEI home, what equipment (in working order) do you have access to for cooking? Mark all that apply:

26. (b) If other please specify:

27. How much of the following impact or limit your participation in meal preparation?
  Not at all
2 3 4 A great deal
Lack of time

Lack of interest

No skills/insufficient skills

Not confident in cooking skills

Too much effort

Not my responsibility

Lack transportation to grocery store

Don’t have appropriate cookware or appliances

Other (please specify)

27. (b) If other please specify:

28. How many times per day do you prepare or cook food at home?

29. How much do you agree with the following statement: I love to cook!

30. Which of the following best describes the types of foods that you prepare/eat at home?

31. Which statement best describes your personal ability to cook from basic ingredients?

32. How confident are you in preparing the following types of food using various preparation and cooking methods?
  Not at all confident
2 3 4 Extremely confident


Beans and legumes:

Baked goods:


33. How confident are you that you know how to properly store food to preserve its quality and shelf life?

Section 5: Food Security -- The following questions are about your food situation, in the past 30 days

34. In the last 30 days, have you visited a food bank?

35. (if yes) Which food bank did you use?

35. (b) If other please specify:

36. Which of the statements best describes the food eaten in your household in the last 30 days:

Please indicate whether the following statements apply to you/your household in the last 30 days

37. I/we worried about whether my/our food would run out before I/we got money to buy more:

38. The food that I/we bought just didn’t last, and I/we didn’t have money to get more:

39. I/we couldn’t afford to eat balanced meals:

40. In the last 30 days did you ever cut the size of your meals or skip meals because there wasn’t enough money for food?

41. In the last 30 days, how many days did this happen?

42. In the last 30 days, did you ever eat less than you felt you should because there wasn’t enough money to buy food?

43. In the last 30 days, were you ever hungry but didn’t eat because there wasn’t enough money for food?

44. In the last 30 days, did you lose weight because there wasn’t enough money for food?

45. In the last 30 days, did you ever not eat for a whole day because there wasn’t enough money for food?

46. In the last 30 days, how many days did this happen?

Section 6: Income -- There is a relationship between nutrition and income. Please be assured that like all other information you have provided, these answers will be kept strictly confidential.

47. Are you employed?

48. On average, how many hours do you work per week, while attending UPEI?

49. Which of the following income sources did you receive in the past month? Mark all that apply.

49. (b) If other please specify:

50. Do you currently have a credit card?

51. Please indicate how much you learned about the following from FN 1110 Introductory Foods:

  Nothing at all
2 3 4 A great deal
Basic techniques in food preparation

Evaluating food quality

How to retain a foods nutritional value

How to prepare good quality food from lower cost ingredients

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