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How It Works

You are invited to participate in a survey regarding your health, your lifestyle, and specific behaviours.

This survey is intended to help SOPEI learn about the health services and programs that our members have experienced or are interested in, to improve their health. This will help us understand where to focus our work in developing sustainable services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics PEI (SOPEI) aims to create holistic health communities where athletes and other individuals with ID living in PEI have the same access to health and wellness resources. There is often a misconception that the poor health of people with intellectual disabilities is due to their disability. Research has shown that it is in fact a result of a breakdown in health education, health promotion, and health care.

The Special Olympics PEI Healthy Communities project is a 3-year grant (2018-2021) to identify, develop and support sustainable healthy communities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Funding is provided by the Golisano Foundation (April 2018 – March 2021).

Goal: To improve the health education, experience and resources for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) and their family/caregivers to have the same access to health and wellness resources as all community members

The Healthy Communities project will:

  • involve athletes, families and caregivers in different program planning and implementation
  • improve current challenges and gaps that impacts athletes, families and caregivers
  • provide training to healthcare professionals on how they can improve visits
  • deliver health and wellness programs
  • identify partners to help financially sustain the programs and training opportunities

The Program Review Team

Kristen MacDonald
Community Engagement Specialist
Email: kmacdonald@sopei.com

Dr. William Montelpare (Professor--Research Supervisor)
Email: wmontelpare@upei.ca
Phone: (902)620-5186

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