Concussion Research at UPEI


Currently, there is tremendous energy invested in understanding the concussion condition. However, only a limited number and type of assessment methods are used at a population level to assess the condition following a head impact.

At at the University of Prince Edward Island we are researching various elements of the concussion condition and criteria for decisions about when to return to play or work. Our research includes online reporting of injuries, establishing baseline measures of reaction time and balance, as well as assessments of auditory, visual and heart rate functions, as well as standard neurocognitive measurements. You can access this research program by clicking on the banner link — UPEI Athletes.

In addition, we are using a retrospective research approach to assess the effects of concussion history on specific markers of cognition and mental health. Concussion research has demonstrated a link between traumatic brain injury and the presence of dementia among retired athletes, and especially those who have suffered multiple concussions. Understanding cognitive decline and the relation it has with the older adult’s general health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help us understand protective factors and risk factors related to dementia and other cognitive decline in older adults.The study will measure the relationship between concussion history and current health status using standardized instruments of cognition, mental health, and overall general health. You can access this research program by clicking on the banner link — Health Risk Factors Study.

All data are stored in a secure database for ongoing concussion injury research.

For questions about this research please contact:

Professor William J. Montelpare, Ph.D.,
Margaret and Wallace McCain Chair in Human Development and Health,
Department of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science,
Health Sciences Building, University of Prince Edward Island,
550 Charlottetown, PE, Canada, C1A 4P3
(o) (902) 620-5186

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